3 AC Maintenance Tips To Ensure Your System Survives Winter

Cold weather means that you will be turning the AC off soon. It is also a time when you may be doing maintenance around your home to prepare for a long winter. During these months, there may be little thought of your AC, but there are still some AC maintenance tasks that you will want to do to ensure your air conditioning makes it through the winter without any problems when you turn it on next spring. Here are some of the winter maintenance tasks for your AC that you do not want to forget about this year.

1. Changing The Filter And Cleaning The Unit In The Fall Months

The filter of your AC is something that needs to be changed regularly, even during the winter months. This can help prevent dust and debris from getting into the unit and causing problems. In addition, you also want to clean out any debris to help ensure the unit does not get damaged by loose debris and dirt collecting around it.

2. Protecting Your AC And Components From Winter Freezes And Extreme Cold 

It is also important to protect your AC from winter weather. One good way to do this is by purchasing a tarp to cover the unit. You can also ask your HVAC contractor to recommend a cover that will work with your unit specifically. Some of these covers are completely sealed, which can cause a problem with mildew, so you will want to leave an air gap at the base to allow air to circulate and moisture to escape. In addition, it is also a good idea to protect exposed components, such as pipes and copper lines during winter freezes.

3. Occasionally Checking The Unit For Signs Of Damage And Problems That Need To Be Addressed

Throughout the winter months, your unit might experience problems like an exposed drain line that froze or debris and snow damaging other components. Occasionally check your AC for these problems and repair them before they get worse. You especially want to do this after major storms, when it is more likely for damage to occur.

These are some of the winter maintenance tasks for your AC that you do not want to forget about this year. If you need help with serving you AC or heating, contact an HVAC contractor like Smedley & Associates to help with repairs and maintenance to ensure your system is working efficiently.