Simple Ways That You And Your Plumber Can Make Your Bathtub Safer

There are many reasons that you might wish your bathtub to be safer — perhaps you have an elderly family member coming to stay with you and you're concerned about his or her stability, or maybe your young kids have gotten old enough to shower and you don't want them to slip and fall. Whatever the reason, it's always a good idea to increase the safety of your home in any way possible. There are a number of ways that you can make the bathtub safer for those taking showers and getting in and out of a bath. Whether you do the work yourself or hire a plumber, here are some ideas.

In-Tub Seat

It's ideal to buy an in-tub seat that can sit at the rear of the tub when people are showering. This device is helpful because if someone begins to get dizzy or lose balance, he or she can simply grab hold of the seat's arm rests and sit down. Doing so provides an opportunity to let the dizzy spell pass or regain some stability. This seat isn't a permanent addition to your tub, meaning that you can easily install it and remove it when you're taking a shower or cleaning the area. It has durable rubber feet that will prevent it from slipping on the wet tub floor.

Safety Strips

Safety strips are something that you can install on your own. They're strips with an adhesive side and a side designed to grip, and they're mounted directly to the bottom of the tub. They're an ideal alternative to a bath mat, as the latter can be a hassle to put in place and remove to dry or clean. Adhesive safety strips remain on the bottom of the tub and make it easier for people to keep their footing. The upper side of these strips is grainy, somewhat reminiscent of a pool deck.


If you're concerned about someone keeping his or her balance while climbing into the tub, a logical solution is a set of stairs designed for this application. This addition is ideal not only for children, but also for elderly adults who have limited mobility and may find it difficult to lift one leg high over the edge of the tub's side. This job is simple for you; it's not so much an installation as it is simply placing a small set of stairs next to the tub for use.

If you want help assessing your tub's safety and improving your bathroom, get in touch with a professional plumbing company, such as A Absolute Plumbing & Heating