3 Reasons Your Central AC System Might Be Running But Not Producing Cold Air

A working central air conditioner is critical for keeping your house cool during the hot weather. If you have discovered that your system is no longer producing cold air even though it is running, you may wonder what is causing the problem. Here are three of the main things that can prevent a system from producing cold air while it is running.

Dirty condenser

Every central AC system has an outdoor component known as the condenser. This part contains a compressor, a fan, and several other key parts, and it helps your central AC system produce cold air and eliminate hot air. Because this component is located outside, it is prone to getting dirty. Leaves and other types of items can get trapped inside the device, and this can prevent it from effectively cooling the air going into your home. If this happens, your actual system will still run, but you'll only feel warm air coming through your vents.

To fix this problem, an AC repair technician will have to take the condenser apart and thoroughly clean it. Once this is done, the system should work just fine.

Compressor is shot

A worn-out compressor can also cause a system to stop producing cold air. The compressor in your AC system serves a vital role too. Its job is to push air back into the home. This air is cooled with the coolant in the system, and this gives you the cold air needed to make your home a more comfortable temperature.

To get your AC producing cold air again, the technician will need to remove the compressor from the condenser and replace it with a new one.

There is a coolant leak

The other thing that could cause your system to keep running yet not be offering cold air involves a coolant leak. Coolant is needed to extract heat out of air. For this to happen, the system will need the right amount of coolant in it.

If the technician suspects that this is the problem, he or she will test the level of coolant in the system. If it is low, the technician will look for leaks and make any necessary repairs. After this, the technician will recharge the system by adding more coolant to it.

If your AC system is not functioning, contact an air conditioning repair company. They can diagnose the problem and get it fixed for you quickly.