Addressing A Few Common Air Conditioning Care And Maintenance Questions

The air conditioning system that keeps your home comfortable on a hot summer's day is easily one of the more important devices that you own. However, there are some new homeowners that may not be very informed about their home's air conditioning system. To help you be prepared to be a responsible homeowner when it concerns these systems, you should know the answers to the following few questions.

What Can Cause The Air Conditioning System To Stop Cooling The House?

One of the more common problems that your air conditioning system may experience is a loss of the ability to cool the air circulating in your home. Sadly, this is a problem that can have many different causes. However, if your unit is still blowing air, this problem may be attributed to a refrigerant leak. When no air is coming from the system, it is likely that the fan's motor has failed.

What Is Done When A Technician Services The Unit?

You can help to keep your air conditioning system safe from routine problems by making sure to have a professional air conditioning repair technician service the unit. When the unit is serviced, any mechanical and electrical components will be closely examined for signs of damage or wear and tear. If these parts are found to be compromised, the technician will replace them. Ideally, these type of servicing should be done every year before the start of spring. This will allow you to ensure your system is prepared for the stress that it may experience as the temperature warms. To help you avoid disruptions to your schedule, there will not be a need for you to be present for these service visits, but you will need to make sure that the technician will be able to easily reach the exterior unit. This may include leaving any gates or fences around the unit unlocked.

Is It Important To Keep The Exterior Unit Clean?

It can be easy to overlook the importance of keeping your exterior unit clean. However, failure to clean this part of the system can lead to numerous performance problems. These can include an inability to circulate air throughout the home, increased mechanical wear and tear, and a higher chance of debris getting inside the housing and damaging the motor. For these reasons, you will want to make sure that you are regularly cleaning the exterior. This will allow you to remove the various leaves, sticks, and other materials that have started to accumulate around the air vents. When cleaning the unit, make sure that you turn the system off. Otherwise, you may inadvertently damage the system or seriously injure yourself.