Make Your Air Conditioner's Job Easier With These Simple Strategies

New air conditioners are not cheap. The harder your AC unit has to work, the faster it will wear out, and the sooner you'll have to spend thousands to replace it. Thankfully, reducing the burden on your AC unit is not that difficult. Here are a few ways to do just that.

Change your filter.

If you're not changing your air filter every month during the summer, you're doing your AC unit a major disservice! It has to work much harder to push air through a dirty filter, and over time, this can lead to motor failure and an array of other issues. Pull the old filter out of the slot and slide a new one in – it's that simple. A HEPA filer is nice if you have allergies or pets in the home, but a plain, fiberglass filter that costs a dollar or two is just fine in most cases.

Don't keep opening the windows.

Your AC unit does not just lower the temperature in your home. It also removes humidity from the air. Each time you open your windows and let the humidity back in, your AC unit has to start that process all over again. This puts more wear and tear on the unit than is necessary. Once cooling season has begun, keep your windows shut to keep the humidity outside. If you want some air circulation between cooling cycles, turn on the central fan or your ceiling fans rather than opening the windows.

Upgrade your insulation.

Many homeowners assume insulation is just for keeping a home warm, so they tend to skimp on insulation if they live in a warmer climate. But during the summer, insulation keeps heat outside so your AC unit does not have to work as hard to keep up. Use a calculator tool to estimate how much insulation your home should have, based on your location. If you find that you don't have enough insulation, add another layer to your attic. Your home will feel cooler, and your AC unit will thank you.

Minimize your trips outside.

When you go in and out the door multiple times, you're letting in a lot of warm, humid air and forcing your AC unit to work harder. Try to consolidate your trips outside so you're not opening the door so many times. For instance, water the flowers on your way to the car. Take the garbage out at the same time you get the mail.

To learn more about taking great care of your AC unit, speak with a HVAC contractor, like one from Kassel Appliance & Ac Repair.