How To Properly Change Your Furnace Filter

Changing your furnace filter is necessary maintenance if you want to ensure that your system is efficient and your furnace lasts a long time. There are no set rules for how often you should change your filter, because it largely depends on how often you run your central air and the make/model of your furnace. Instead of following any set rules, you should just visually check your furnace on a regular basis. If it looks dirty, change it. Filters are very affordable, but many people do not properly replace them. This article explains how to ensure that you are getting the most out of your filter replacement.

Finding the Filter

The filter is usually very easy to find. In fact, on some modern units, the filter is on the outside of the furnace cabinet. It is often located between the outside cabinet wall and the input ducts. However, if your filter is inside the furnace cabinet, you want to turn off the power and gas to your furnace before you open it up to replace it. Either way, the filter is usually very easy to pull out once you find it. You don't need any tools to pull it out of the compartment.

Cleaning the Filter Compartment

However, if you pull your filter out of the compartment and decide that it needs to be changed, you should clean out the actual compartment before replacing it with a new filter. Often, the slot that the filter fits into can be narrow, so you need to use a narrow attachment for a hose vacuum to reach inside. On some compartments you'll be able to easily reach in with your hand and wipe it out with a rag. If there is any dirt or dust buildup within the tracks that the filter slides into, it will affect the placement of the filter. In fact, it can even create gaps where air blows past the filter instead of through it. This will largely negate the effectiveness of the new filter. So, whenever you are going to change your filter, it is very important also clean out the compartment. When you slide the new filter in place, make sure you push it all the way back so it is snug and flush.

If you clean out your compartment whenever you are changing the filter, you probably won't need to invest in a new filter as often. For more tips, contact a heating services company.