How To Improve Your Duct Airflow

Your heating and air conditioning systems obviously have a big impact on your monthly utility bills. This article explains how homeowners can increase the efficiency of their HVAC system by improving airflow through the ducts.

The Importance of Airtight Ducts

No matter how efficient your appliances are, you can waste a lot of energy if the air is not reaching your rooms. That is, air duct systems that transport the air from your appliances to your rooms, via the registers, have quite a few areas where something could go wrong. For instance, you're exposed ducts could become loose at the seams between individual pieces, allowing air to escape. This can greatly reduce airflow, and result in a far less efficient system.

Fixing Loose Air Ducts

You can usually find and fix the problem quite easily. First of all, you need to find the problem area. Some homes will have extensive lengths of ducting that are exposed, and on the outside of the walls. This is usually the case in attics, basements, or utility rooms. On some homes, the only expose ducting will be near the furnace, in between the main cabinet and the walls. Nonetheless, these are all areas that the ducting can get moved around or get knocked loose.

The most common issue is that homeowners tend to store things in these areas. If you were stacking boxes, near your air ducts, and knocked one of the ducts, it could have become loose and created an air leak.

Finding Air Leaks

The best way to actually find air leaks is to turn on your heat or air conditioner. You will need to walk by every section of exposed ducting and carefully check to see if there is any air flowing out of each individual seen. For instance, if you have duct in your basement that is loose, you should be able to easily notice warmer airflow coming out of the seams during the winter.

Taping Loose Ducts Seams

The best way to repair loose ducts seams is to shift them around so they close tighter and tape them. You will want to reinforce each seam with some aluminum foil tape. This tape works better than traditional duct tape, and creates a more airtight seal. It will also hold the seams together, so your ducts are less likely to get knocked loose again.

With airtight ducts, you can rest assured that your AC and heat will be a little more energy efficient. Click to find out more.