How To Cool An Impossibly Hot Outdoor Gathering

Air conditioners are usually used indoors. When you accidentally leave a window open, you may find you have a very high AC bill as you accidentally cool the entire neighborhood. But when you are having an outdoor event or if you simply want to spend some time outdoors on a hot day, you might need an outdoor AC solution.

Swamp Coolers

One of the best options for keeping the outdoors cool is to use a swamp cooler, also called evaporative coolers. Have you ever placed a wet shirt on during a hot summer day? The immediate cooling you will experience is similar to a swamp cooler. Unlike with an AC, which will release both hot and cold air, a swamp cooler will keep everyone cool without the need to expel hot air.

Evaporative coolers operate using water and electricity, which makes them much better for the environment. A fan circulates the air through water. The water then evaporates and removes the heat, producing a cooler surrounding area.

Outdoor Heat Exchangers

One of the downsides of swamp coolers is that they are only effective under dry weather conditions. When it is more humid, you would be better off with an AC that performs heat exchange. However, you will need a place for the vent to direct the hot air toward. As long as you have a location away from your guests, you can redirect the heat. Some individuals find that the vent is not visually appealing, but there are many ways you can disguise the vent.

Insulated Tents

To get the most bang for your buck with an outdoor air conditioner, erect an insulated tent that will serve as a location to cool down. Guests who feel too hot during an event can enter the tent. The AC vent pumps hot air outside the tent.

Other Ways To Cool an Event

While evaporative coolers and air conditioners can go a long way toward keeping your outdoor event cool, you will want to combine these devices with other methods to produce the maximum effect. For example, make sure to serve refreshing food and always to have enough water and beverages.

Avoid serving drinks with alcohol. Always have a location where guests can get out of the sun. Also, if possible, host your event during the evening. Even during the evening, it may be hot enough to require outdoor AC units, but you will find it much easier to keep your event cool. For more information, contact your preferred HVAC maintenance services.