New Landlords: How Do You Protect Your Tenants' AC Units This Year?

Many states require new and established landlords to keep their rental homes in good repair. If you don't provide safe conditions for your tenants to live in, your state could sanction or fine you. One of the things you must keep up is your rental homes' air conditioning units. If you don't maintain or repair your AC units properly, it may affect your tenants' health and well-being. Protect your AC units and keep your tenants comfortable with the tips below.

Clean Your Rental Homes' AC Units

If your air conditioning units are old, they may struggle to cool your rental homes during the summer. The units might have problems with their indoor evaporator coils, or they may experience issues with their outdoor compressors and condenser coils. Unless you service your units regularly, you might not know that the units have any major problems until your tenants inform you about them. 

If possible, take time to check and clean each unit in your rental homes. The evaporator coils in your indoor units can build up with ice and dust during the year. Ice and dust can prevent air from moving through the coil, which can cause it to freeze up and quit. Also, examine the outdoor units for grass and dirt. During spring and summer, plants can grow inside the units and damage the condenser coils and compressors.

If your indoor and outdoor units appear in bad shape, contact an HVAC contractor for additional services. 

Secure Your AC Units

An HVAC contractor will generally run a diagnostic check on your AC units. Diagnostic checks can reveal problems with your units' compressors, refrigerant lines, and drainage systems. The checks may also reveal issues with the units' electrical components. 

If an AC contractor does find problems with your rental homes' units, they'll move forward with the repairs. If the units are severe disrepair, a contractor may suggest that you upgrade or replace them before the next season arrives. Upgrading your systems won't only save you money on future expenses, it can keep your tenants safe throughout the year.

In addition, to upgrading or repairing your AC units, consider cleaning out your air ducts and vents. Although it may seem expensive, cleaning your air ducts may keep your units in good repair for years to come. Contaminants like dust can block airflow through your ducts over time. 

For more information about air conditioning repair services for your tenants, contact a contractor today.