Diagnosing What's Wrong With Your Air Conditioning

With the hot weather here, knowing how to diagnose problems with your air conditioner can help you stay cool. If you get your system maintained early on in the season and can identify small problems, you'll end up saving yourself time and money. When your system is efficient, it costs you less money to keep your home cool. And with a maintained air conditioner, it is less likely to break down in the heat of the summer. Pay attention and call for help when you see problems with how your air conditioning system is functioning.

Refrigerant Levels Are Low

When your refrigerant levels are low, your air conditioner is not going to be able to cool down your home to a comfortable level. Refrigerant can leak from cracks in your evaporator coils, causing the levels to go low. When your system is maintained each year, your technician will check that the refrigerant levels are high enough. If the problem is a hose leak or a cracked coil, this will need to be replaced.

The Drain Gets Clogged

A clogged drain is pretty easy to spot when it comes to your air conditioning. There is a drip pan below the blower unit that will fill with water if you have a clogged drain. If there is water coming from your unit, either the drain is clogged or the unit is not level and the water isn't draining properly. If the unit is newly installed, the problem is likely to be a unit that isn't properly installed.

Checking The Air Filters

When you are using your air conditioner every day, check the air filters once a month to see if they are clogged. Most manufacturers recommend changing your air filters monthly. Your filter is not functioning properly if light can't get through it, so check your filter with a flashlight to see if you can see the light. A technician can teach you how to change your air filter so that you don't have to call for service each time.

A system that has been maintained is going to have an easier time keeping your home cool. If you notice small leaks, or your air is not getting as cool as you need it to, you may need to hire an air conditioning service to come and check out your air conditioner. When you have an efficient air conditioner, the cost of running your air conditioner will be lower.