Is Furnace Installation A Do-It-Yourself Project?

The short answer to the title question is no. Unless you're an off-duty HVAC technician, furnace installation is not a DIY project. Homeowners typically want to save money with household projects. They may even become experienced do-it-yourselfers. However, making furnace installation a home project might not even save money, especially if you account for time.

Keep reading for some reasons why furnace installation is best left to the professionals.

Furnaces Installation Requires Industry Knowledge

HVAC technicians typically go to school for two years and often enter an apprenticeship program. That training is necessary because the installation of large-scale appliances is involved. Indeed, as Home Advisor points out, furnace installation is simply too technical for the average homeowner. HVAC technicians can draw from their knowledge to handle technical issues during installation.

Improper Installation Can Lead to Energy Inefficiency

The first step of furnace installation is the proper sizing of the unit to ensure it effectively and efficiently heats your home. A unit that's the wrong size will work overtime, which adds to utility costs. What's more, the furnace is attached to pipes and ductwork. If those areas leak air, your utility money leaks out, too. So, you see a negation of any installation savings in utility costs.

Ductwork May Need Retrofitting

A similar situation relates to your ductwork. You rarely replace an old furnace with one that's outfitted exactly the same way. Your ductwork and fittings often need adjustments. You may need to extend a pipe or duct to fit the new furnace. These jobs require precision, which can take time if you're inexperienced. What's more, you run into the same problem of air leaks mentioned above.

Improper Installation Can Be Dangerous

Most furnaces operate on some form of combustion. Natural gas furnaces are especially popular because they're energy-efficient. However, improper installation of the furnace and flue can lead to issues of backdraft. More significantly, they might even overproduce carbon monoxide during the combustion process. This situation is very dangerous, even deadly.

Manufacturers Look Askance at the Practice

For all the above reasons, furnace manufacturers look askance at installation as a DIY project. Many HVAC manufacturers only sell directly to HVAC companies. They won't even sell to homeowners. If they do, it's not at the same low price as for HVAC companies. So, you see your savings dwindle there, too. What's more, DIY installation may void the furnace's warranty.

Look for other areas in your home improvement to save money. Hire an HVAC technician for any furnace installation service needs.