Questions About Central HVAC

You may have some questions about central HVAC systems that you can find the answers to here. When you have more information about the system, you can find that it will be helpful for different reasons. Being better informed can help you to get the most out of the system, help you figure out that you have something going on with it that needs to be fixed, help you to recognize when your system is getting to the point of needing to be replaced with a new one, and help you save yourself money in various ways. Here are some questions you may have: 

Why do many people prefer central heating and cooling?

Different people will have different reasons for choosing the type of heating and cooling they want in their home. However, many people opt to go with central heating and cooling. Some of the reasons why so many prefer this type of heating and cooling include: 

  • Maintaining control over the temperature throughout the entire house
  • Controlling the entire system with one centralized thermostat
  • Central HVACs are known for being an efficient method for controlling the temperature
  • Central HVAC systems are easy to maintain
  • Central HVAC systems integrate easily into home automation systems

Why wouldn't a central HVAC system cool a home evenly?

A central HVAC system should heat and cool your home evenly. If it doesn't, then this can indicate a problem somewhere in the system that you would want to have checked out by a technician and have repaired as needed. A couple of examples of things that could cause the system to work unevenly would be having a leak somewhere in the system or there may be a blockage in the system. 

Why would a central HVAC system make noise?

One of the additional things so many people like about central HVAC systems is that they heat and cool homes quietly. However, when a central system has certain things going wrong with them, then they can start to make noises. One of the reasons that central heating and air conditioner can make noise can include the compressor going bad. If the compressor is going bad then it can lead to a screeching noise happening that can be quite loud. Another thing that can lead to noise in the central HVAC system is the fan motor having issues and this can also cause a loud screeching sound.

If you have further questions about your heating and cooling system, reach out to a local HVAC contractor.