Eliminate Dry, Uncomfortable Air Quality Inside of Your Home

Air that lacks moisture can result in respiratory annoyances, such as coughing, or experiencing a scratchy feeling in your throat. You may also have complaints about dry skin, if you spend a lot of time in an arid, indoor environment. Invest in a home humidifier to increase the moisture level in targeted rooms, or your entire living space.

The Unit Styles And Setups

Home humidifiers include a line of units that contain caster wheels, allowing each unit to be moved from room to room, and immobile units that need to be installed by an HVAC contractor. An immobile unit will be anchored independently, or attached to a furnace, or central heating and air system. Some humidifiers are bulky in size and contain a large water reservoir, which will need to be filled up by hand.

There are also more user-friendly options, that can contain a dual set of water holders that can be removed and filled up in a sink. A digital keypad will alert a user to the current temperature inside of a home, the present amount of water that remains in a humidifier, and whether or not water vapor or steam is being emitted. Your preferences in how much moisture is added to your environment may be dependent upon the time of the year, or where you will be spending your time.

For instance, you may have noticed dry, uncomfortable conditions during the winter, or on occasions in which it hasn't rained for many days, but not be experiencing unpleasant, dry surroundings at other times. If the indoor conditions fluctuate, you may be better off with a mobile unit that you can move to various rooms. A small, sleek humidifier won't take up much living space, and can be stored inside of a closet when it isn't being operated.

Care And Extras

A humidifier is electrically-operated and requires routine maintenance. Water should be the only liquid poured into a unit, since using scented oils could damage the mechanical components of a machine. If you would like to add a light fragrance to your living quarters, an HVAC contractor can recommend products that have been designed to utilize scent cartridges.

During the installation of your humidifier, you will be provided with tips on how to use your unit, including how to change the filter and the scent cartridge, and how to alter the temperature settings or the water output that will be conducted during each cycle. 

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