Is Your Air Conditioner Running All Day?

Most people turn on the air conditioner when it's warm and expect that it will turn off when it meets a specific temperature. If you set your thermostat accordingly but soon realize that there is something wrong, you aren't alone.

Many people realize that their AC is running all day, even if they don't think it should be. If this sounds like your situation, keep reading.

Know That Some AC Units Work This Way

Keep in mind that in some cases, running all day does not constitute a problem with your AC unit. It could be that your unit is meant to run at a low setting to maintain a temperature throughout the day, ultimately saving you money over time.

Your AC Is Too Small

In many cases, an air conditioner is not up to the task of cooling down an entire house. It could be that the unit is simply too small for the house, or perhaps it is an older unit that has not been changed since the home was expanded. It may be time to replace the HVAC system with a larger unit.

Your AC Is Too Large

It is also possible that your AC unit is running all day because the unit is too large, as strange as this might sound. Large units have a problem removing humidity from a home, which means that your unit can run all day and you might still feel that the home is much warmer than it actually is because of the humidity.

Your AC Unit Needs Service or Replacement

Sometimes the problem is simply a lack of maintenance over the years. This means that you might have an AC unit that simply cannot meet the demands of your home or the weather. A unit that has not been serviced or maintained over the years is more likely to experience a breakdown.

If you have an older unit, it may not necessarily be easy to determine exactly what your system needs. It is important to call a professional in to assess your unit's needs and to determine what you may need to do to make your system more efficient.

Call an HVAC Professional Today

It is important that you speak with an HVAC professional today to learn why your AC unit may be running all day. A professional can help you pinpoint the cause and ensure that you have measures in place to prevent additional problems.