Useful Precautions When Dealing With A Faulty AC Unit Fan

With any residential AC unit, the fan is vital. It brings warm air from your home to the condenser where it can be converted into cool air and circulated throughout your home. Any time this fan stops working, be sure to use these precautions when approaching the repair. 

Check the Belt

If your fan is powered via a belt, then sometimes this component can be damaged or simply come off the track, preventing your AC unit's fan from moving as it should. This is a good starting place when checking to see why your AC unit's fan is not performing normally.

Look the belt over carefully to see what condition it is in. If you do not see any visible signs of damage and the belt is just out of its normal position, place it back on its track. If the belt is in pretty bad shape, then find a replacement that works for your specific AC unit.

Find and Inspect Air Filter

Your AC unit's fan may be working, just not at the normal rate it should. You may see this a lot when air filters collect too much dirt and debris. They can cause airflow restriction and that prevents your AC unit's fan from turning as fast as it should.

Since this problem can seriously affect the performance of your AC unit, you want to find and inspect the air filter as quickly as you can. If the filter is dirty, have it replaced. That should clear up fan speed issues.

Look Into Motor Performance

What powers your AC unit's fan is the motor. Like a lot of other motors on different components, it will experience complications that you want to respond to as quickly as possible to prevent further damage.

If the motor is acting up by making strange sounds or overheating, you will want to hire an AC repair technician because this component involves a lot of experience to repair. The technician can work to repair your motor, but if they cannot, they can help you set up a new one correctly.

A huge reason why AC units for residential properties work so well is because of their fans. Now, this part can experience all kinds of issues over the years. However, this should not ruin your day if you check the right systems and let professionals help, too. Contact an AC repair service for more information.