Top Signs You Need A Drain Cleaning Service

Drain issues are common among many households. If you don't know how to identify a drain problem before it escalates, your plumbing may experience severe issues. Regular drain maintenance is critical for every homeowner as it prevents unexpected inconveniences. Fortunately, the plumbing industry has been growing at a rate of 1.7% in the last five years, and you can be sure to find drain cleaning services within your locality. When should you consult an expert? Here are the top signs:

When DIY Measures Don't Work

Have you tried solving a drain problem without success? If DIY measures such as plunging, white vinegar, or baking soda don't seem to work, it can be a bigger drain issue sign. Do not wait any longer without contacting a specialist for help. A professional will use their tools of the trade to solve the issue and restore its optimal functionality. 

Unusual Sounds

While you may think your drain is okay, an unusual sound from the sink may signify it's not working as it should. A problem that you may not spot could be developing, and you don't want this to spoil your plumbing system. For example, a gurgling sound could be due to a clog causing air bubbles in the drainage system. 

Slow Drains

Do you notice your drain is slowing down, but you don't understand the reason? In most cases, this may happen when dirt, particles, and other debris clog your system. It could be soap, grease, hair, or other objects clogging the drain, leading to its inefficiency. Do not assume things are okay. You can only be sure of the problem after consulting a drain cleaning professional for an inspection.

Increased Water Bills

It's no doubt your monthly water bills may fluctuate. However, if you discover drastic changes, it could be a drain problem. For example, you could blame pipe leakage or clog. You may stop this by calling a plumber to check and repair if necessary. 

Note that not all leakages can get noticed without professional knowledge and experience. While you may not see any leakage in your drain system, if you're getting unusual monthly water bills, you may need a professional drain cleaner to investigate what the problem could be. An expert will do everything to fix any issue, including:

  • Eliminating blockages
  • Handling bathroom drain issues
  • Extending your plumbing system's lifespan
  • Tackling kitchen drain problems


Regular drain maintenance can give you peace of mind and prevent unnecessary inconveniences and panic. If you notice any of the above signs with your drain system, talk to an expert for help.