3 Reasons You May Need Air Conditioning Repairs Due to Evaporator Coil Problems

The evaporator coil in your air conditioner plays a big role in cooling your house down. The refrigerant flows through the coil and when the blower fan blows air over the cooling coil, condensation and heat are pulled from the air so cooler and dryer air is blown through your ducts and throughout your house.

If the evaporator coil develops a problem, your home won't cool down. Here are some problems an evaporator coil might have as well as the air conditioning repairs that can help.

Water Leak Because Of Coil Condensation

Since condensation forms on the evaporator coil, there's a drain pan right under the coils that is permanently attached. If the pan is made from metal, it might develop rust holes as your AC ages. A hole lets condensation from the coil drip through the pan into the air handler and onto your floor.

Since the pan is part of the coil, the pan can't be replaced. Instead, the air conditioning technician has to clean off the rust and seal the hole so your AC and floor aren't ruined by the leak.

Ice Formation Due to Clogged Filters

The evaporator coil needs plenty of airflow when the AC kicks on. If the airflow is restricted, the coils might freeze over. A common cause of restricted airflow in the air handler is a dirty filter. This problem is simple to fix yourself since all you have to do is put in a new filter. If that doesn't work, call an air conditioning service to find out why ice is forming on the coil and how to repair the problem.

Dust Buildup Due to Dirty Air Handlers

Dust can cause many problems in your air conditioning system. Since air circulates through the air handler, some dust will get in. If you don't change the filter as often as you should, even more dust can get in and clog up some parts. The evaporator coil is wet since condensation forms on it. Dust sticks to the damp coil and builds up over time.

When the coil is coated in dust, the refrigerant can't cool the air that circulates through your home. This is a fairly easy air conditioning repair since all that's required is to clean off the coil and your AC should start cooling your house again. The problem is that the coil isn't always easy to access, so you'll probably need an AC technician to get to the coil so it can be cleaned.