3 Summer AC Breakdowns You Can Avoid With Annual Air Conditioning Maintenance

Annual air conditioning maintenance is important for keeping your AC in good working order. That way, you can avoid a breakdown of the equipment in the summer when you need to stay cool. It may seem like AC maintenance isn't essential when your air conditioner is working properly, but it's important to remember your AC may not be working properly for long if you don't have it serviced. Here are three breakdowns you can avoid by having annual AC maintenance.

1. Frozen Coils

When ice covers the coils of your AC, the unit may eventually shut down. Even if the AC doesn't shut itself off, it won't be able to cool your home with the coils coated in ice. This problem often happens because the coils are dirty and wet. The moisture comes from condensation on the coils, and dust comes from a dusty filter or equipment that hasn't been cleaned.

When you have annual air conditioning maintenance, one task that is performed is checking the coils to see if they're clean. If they're not, the coils might be cleaned off with a brush and coil cleaner. This helps you avoid problems with ice on your air conditioner that keeps your home from staying cool.

2. Fan Motor Failure

The fan in the condenser cools off the condenser parts so they don't overheat. The fan also helps cool the refrigerant lines. If the fan motor fails during the summer, the compressor in the condenser might overheat and be damaged. Your AC may even shut down until it can be serviced.

The technician checks the fan and motor during a service call and does things like change the belt or lubricate the bearings if indicated. When your fan and motor start off the summer season serviced and in good shape, there is a reduced risk of failure when the fan is in use every day during the summer.

3. Electrical Breakdown

Another thing the air conditioning maintenance technician checks are the electrical connections inside the equipment. Since the condenser is outside and gets wet from rain and snow, connections might corrode. Connections might come loose due to animal or insect activity too. Mice might even gnaw through wiring insulation.

The electrical components need to be in good shape and operating properly or your AC may not shut on and off properly when the weather gets hot. The technician can replace or repair damaged wiring and contacts so you shouldn't have electrical problems during the summer unless a power surge or other summer event affects the electrical parts in your AC. To learn more, contact an air conditioning maintenance service.