Think Through These Things Before Having Central Air Conditioning Installed

Having central air conditioning installed can be life-changing – in a great way. It is really nice to have every room in your home cool down at the same time. Plus, central AC tends to be rather energy-efficient in comparison to other types of AC, such as window units. There are, however, a few things you should think through and consider before having central air conditioning installed in your home.

Will you need extra ducts added to your setup?

Central air conditioning can use the same ducts as your furnace. However, if your home was not originally designed with AC in mind, the ducts may not be large enough or plentiful enough to fully air condition the top floor. Since heat rises, you need to push more air conditioning to the top floor than heat. Your HVAC contractor will look over your duct layout and let you know if they can or should add some more ducts. This might involve making a few holes in your walls, although those walls can certainly be patched later on.

Where will the outdoor compressor go?

There is an outdoor compressor that goes along with every central air conditioning system. You and your AC contractor will need to work together to find a place to put that compressor. The location needs to be somewhat close to the place where your indoor AC equipment sits. There cannot be big obstructions, like bushes or trees, as they may interfere with airflow and keep the AC from operating efficiently. Come up with three or four locations you like, point them out to your AC contractor, and ask them which location they think is best.

Do you want to have a WiFi thermostat added to the setup?

If you do not already have a WiFi thermostat, consider having your installer add one alongside your central AC unit. Such a thermostat will allow you to control your new air conditioner remotely. You can turn the temperature down when you're headed home so your house is cool and comfortable by the time you arrive. You can also monitor your energy use and make changes to your habits to improve efficiency.

If you ponder these things before having central air conditioning installed, you will be able to approach the installation with greater knowledge and awareness. If any questions come up along the way, don't hesitate to ask your HVAC installer. They can be a great resource. 

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