3 Signs That Your Furnace Is Overheating And How To Manage The Problem

A furnace is crucial for maintaining a comfortable indoor space as temperatures drop. That said, you will likely encounter system issues with years of continued use. When this happens, you may notice several indicators of a malfunction. In most cases, these include a rumbling sound from the basement, clanking noise, or an air duct odor. Note that of all issues you are likely to face, an overheating gas or electric furnace poses a fire hazard in the event of obstructed airflow, mechanical failure, or simple aging.

Furnace "Repairs" To Try Before Calling A Pro

It's never a good idea to do your own HVAC work. Furnaces have many moving parts and pieces which can break if not handled or assembled properly. There are also electrical and gas components that could lead to illness or injury if mishandled. With that being said, however, there are a few simple furnace "repair" tasks that are safe for a homeowner to handle on their own. If your furnace is not working, you may want to try these things before you resort to calling a furnace repair company.

Learn About Central HVAC Preventative Care

Your central HVAC system can help your family in so many ways. However, it does need to be taken care of if you are going to get as much from it as possible. If you neglect the system, you can end up with different types of problems, which you can read more about below. Also, this article will go over the maintenance needs of a central HVAC system, which you will be glad to know are very simple in most cases.

3 Options for Retrofitting Modern HVAC Into an Older Home

Central air conditioning and forced air heating are ubiquitous in modern American homes. It's rare for new construction to eschew these HVAC features, except in areas with very temperate climates. However, older homes are a much different story. HVAC systems varied more in the past, with homes featuring everything from hydronic baseboard heating to steam radiators. A retrofit can be an excellent option if you own an older home without the convenience of a modern HVAC setup.

4 Dangers Of Ignoring Furnace Repairs

When it comes to furnace repairs, it can be tempting to ignore potential problems and put off getting things fixed. After all, making a repair may cost money, and it may seem like there is always something else that needs your attention. However, the reality is that ignoring furnace repairs can leave you vulnerable to much more serious problems down the line. Here are four dangers of ignoring furnace repairs.