Useful Precautions When Dealing With A Faulty AC Unit Fan

With any residential AC unit, the fan is vital. It brings warm air from your home to the condenser where it can be converted into cool air and circulated throughout your home. Any time this fan stops working, be sure to use these precautions when approaching the repair.  Check the Belt If your fan is powered via a belt, then sometimes this component can be damaged or simply come off the track, preventing your AC unit's fan from moving as it should.

Five Reasons To Schedule Annual Maintenance For Your Furnace

Having the furnace inspected and tuned up annually should be on every homeowner's list. This simple service visit ensures your furnace is repaired and ready for the cooler season. 1. Avoid Cold Weather Malfunctions All too often, a furnace can break down on the first really cold night of the year, simply because it has to work harder to warm your home. Getting an immediate repair under these conditions may not be possible, so you and your family are left in the cold.

Is Your Air Conditioner Running All Day?

Most people turn on the air conditioner when it's warm and expect that it will turn off when it meets a specific temperature. If you set your thermostat accordingly but soon realize that there is something wrong, you aren't alone. Many people realize that their AC is running all day, even if they don't think it should be. If this sounds like your situation, keep reading. Know That Some AC Units Work This Way

2 Problems Caused By A Yellow Pilot Flame In Your Home's Gas Furnace

The last time you went to check your furnace's pilot light, you may have noticed that the flame is no longer blue. Rather, it is now burning a bright yellow, leading you to wonder if the change in color is a cause for alarm. If so, below are a couple of problems that are caused by a yellow pilot flame in your home's gas furnace. 1. Furnace Is Using More Natural Gas than Usual

Eliminate Dry, Uncomfortable Air Quality Inside of Your Home

Air that lacks moisture can result in respiratory annoyances, such as coughing, or experiencing a scratchy feeling in your throat. You may also have complaints about dry skin, if you spend a lot of time in an arid, indoor environment. Invest in a home humidifier to increase the moisture level in targeted rooms, or your entire living space. The Unit Styles And Setups Home humidifiers include a line of units that contain caster wheels, allowing each unit to be moved from room to room, and immobile units that need to be installed by an HVAC contractor.